Government Portfolio

Rooker believes that investment in Government leased real estate should be safe and provide consistent returns that meet the investor’s expectations. Through Rooker’s expert understanding of Government occupied real estate assets and the nuances of dealing with the full service and modified gross leases that is inherent to this asset class, investor expectations are not only met but are exceeded. By focusing solely on Government leased property Rooker is able to position itself on the leading edge of market trends related to this specialized real estate.

Acquisition Criteria

Rooker gauges the investment quality of each property we pursue through a combination of tenant agency tendencies and desires, if the asset is first generation space along with the lease term remaining at the time of acquisition. Rooker continuously searches for properties containing characteristics that allow for a value add opportunity. Whether through capital improvements post-closing or renewal of lease term Rooker constantly seeks to add value to the real estate assets that are owned and managed.