Design. Build. Develop.

Rooker is a full-service real estate development, design and construction firm specializing in the industrial segment. We help companies in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution with everything that’s needed to build a new facility.

We are a developer of business parks with extensive experience working with state and local development authorities. We have been successful, in part, due to our innovative, unique financial partnership arrangements that help local authorities to build business parks to stimulate local economies without burdening those authorities with large up-front investments.

Our Values

For over 50 years, Rooker has grown by building relationships with our clients, employees and partners the old-fashioned way. By looking folks in the eye. Delivering on our promises. And providing honest value, enduring craftsmanship and responsible development of our communities’ land.

We still believe a handshake is as good as a person’s word. And we know that trust, like money, has to be earned.

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