Shenandoah Spec

Newnan, GA
  • Sector:Private Sector
  • Building Type:Manufacturing
  • Size:150,000 SF
  • Development Duration:9 months
  • Development Cost:$4,032,000
  • Final Contract Complete:7/08

Shenandoah Spec is a 150,000 SF building that originally started as a 75,000 SF build-to-suit for InComm, an industry leader in marketing, distribution, and technology innovation of stored-value gift and prepaid products. InComm recently took another 25,000 SF to bring their total square foot occupancy to 100,000 SF. We decided to double the original footprint of the building and ultimately leased the remaining 50,000 SF to PolyCycle Solutions, a leader in the plastic packaging industry. The building features T5-HO fluorescent energy efficient lighting as wall as wall mounted louvres to provide for three air changes per hour. The truck court is 130' deep to provide for the extensive trucking for both InComm and PolyCycle Solutions.