We are only given one planet in which to exist. For the sake of generations to come, we must be conscious of decisions that may impact the environment and our natural resources. Rooker’s dedication to sustainable development practices and construction processes are centered around these principals.

Energy Star

Mechanical and Electrical systems are the driving force behind utility consumption for each project. Through detailed energy modeling coupled with careful selection of system types Rooker is able to achieve significant annual energy savings. Rooker’s many years of experience with LED lighting, occupancy sensors and daylighting controls utilized in conjunction with high efficiency HVAC equipment and energy recovery units translates into significant savings that hit the bottom line.


Rooker takes sustainability seriously and to prove it there are two LEED Legacy Accredited Professionals on staff that operate on a daily basis as project managers for Rooker. A vital part of Rooker’s sustainable development program is tasking our LEED AP’s with managing LEED certification processes. As a result, Rooker has developed multiple governmental facilities that have achieved LEED Silver and LEED Gold certifications.


Rooker understands that sustainability takes a team approach. Through the years Rooker has assembled a team of top notch professionals to partner with and to provide support for projects seeking LEED and Energy Star certifications. We are proud to call the following companies our partners:

  • Essex Engineering
  • GTP Consulting
  • Roger’s Mechanical
  • Wakefield Beasley & Associates
  • PES Structural Engineers