US Bankruptcy Courts

Greenville, NC
  • Sector:Government
  • Project Category:Development
  • Square Footage:25,408
  • Construction Duration:3 months
  • Final Construction Cost:$5,832,000

This 25,408 sq. ft. U.S Courts facility is situated on a 1.8 acre site in the uptown district of Greenville, NC. The building was a design build effort involving U.S. Courts, GSA and Rooker's development team. This facility is a public serving, high security design that utilizes a tilt wall concrete, blast rated exterior facade and windows. K-rated vehicular barriers define a 50' protected perimeter while blending in well with landscaping and the overall design of the structure. The facility houses 2 courtrooms, Judge's Chambers, clerks offices, U.S. Marshall's Service along with administrative offices. A sacrificial lobby and mail room provide a secondary level of protection. The facility is also served by a diesel generator and blast rated exterior secure parking areas with K-rated entry gates. The project was completed on time and within budget.