Rooker Launches Rooftop Solar Initiative on Athens Facility

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Industrial Leader Partners with First Century Energy to Implement One of the Largest Solar PV Arrays in Georgia

ATLANTA, August 20, 2010 – The ROOKER Company, one of Georgia’s leading industrial real estate firms, started construction this week on one of the largest solar photovoltaic arrays in the State on its new industrial building in Athens, Georgia. The 115-kilowatt array, implemented in partnership with Atlanta-based First Century Energy, will cover approximately 12,000 square feet of rooftop space and provide over 3.5 million kilowatt hours of solar energy to the power grid over its projected 25-year lifetime under a power purchase agreement with Green Power EMC. The innovative solar project, to be completed in early September, is part of ROOKER’s broader push toward sustainability and energy efficiency within its construction projects across the Southeast. The company now boasts two LEED certified project managers, and recently completed the first Gold LEED certified project for the U.S.D.A. in Newnan, Georgia.

“We are excited about the Athens solar project as another initiative within our overall effort to continue delivering sustainable and energy efficient projects for our clients,” said Murray Reavis of ROOKER. “We also expect this project to produce strong returns for our portfolio as the sale of the solar energy is similar to a long-term lease with a credit tenant.”

ROOKER worked with First Century Energy to obtain a grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority to help fund the project. First Century Energy also helped ROOKER finalize a power purchase agreement with Green Power EMC, which represents 37 of the member-owned electric cooperatives across Georgia in procuring renewable energy sources for the EMC’s power grid.

“Green Power EMC is actively pursuing efficient approaches to increasing the supply of renewable energy to Georgia’s EMC members,” said Michael Whiteside, president of Green Power EMC. “Distributed solar power generation on rooftops of commercial buildings can be an efficient means of supply, as the transmission lines are already in place and often there are not additional infrastructure costs to the utilities.”


ROOKER is a privately owned real estate, development, and design/build construction firm. Recognized as one of the industry’s most experienced construction and development firms for the industrial segment, ROOKER has developed over 500 sites over the last 40 years and has more than 50 million square feet of new construction to its credit. ROOKER’S clients include manufacturing and distribution companies like Fed Ex, Ford Motor Company, Office Depot, and Haverty’s Furniture. For more information about ROOKER, please visit

About First Century Energy

First Century Energy (FCE) is a leading provider of on-site renewable energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and government clients across the Southeast and Sunbelt regions. FCE specializes in development and integration of rooftop and groundmounted Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems for commercial customers. FCE is based in Atlanta and operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries SolAmerica, LLC and First Century Energy Services, LLC. For more information about FCE, please visit