ProjectYear CompletedSize
Sanderson – Demo & Remodel2000980
Integrated Distribution19991,000
Rooker Midtown Offices20131,200
Green’s Addition19991,935
Price Industries, Inc. Mezzanine20092,200
Recycle Depot19922,230
Price Ind. Mezzanine / Office20122,400
Zen & Now20102,640
DragonCon (Atlanta South)20112,754
Damco Expansion20122,900
Suite 160 (Atlanta South)20113,000
Asbury Automotive20113,483
NDDTC – Pod “C”20123,600
Atlanta Ind. Medical19853,690
HI FI / Frame Shop19954,300
Ga. Crown Keg Cooler Expansion20115,000
Edge Office Bldg20035,492
Dynamic Edge Technologies20006,063
Applied Ind. Tech.20106,071
Damco (Atlanta South)20116,098
C.C. & B. (Cole Court)19836,240
Atlas Spacer20006,450
Averitt Express (Fulton Ind.) Addition19936,600
Atlanta Printing (Cole Court)19837,200
John A. White Golf Course Maint. Bldg.20007,404
Shelving Direct19987,538
Walsh Property (Weaver Way)19868,045
Rooker Corporate Office19858,460
Millar Elevator19988,887
Spot Cooler19998,950
Wrenn Handling Addition19949,000
Meridian SSA20129,706
NTW (Roswell Rd.)19899,817
Mueller Tire19999,981
Hanson Staple (Cole Court)198310,000
ASA – Commerce Park198310,050
NTW (Jimmy Carter)199310,500
NTW (Merchant’s Walk)199211,146
Apria Healthcare201112,070
NTW (Cobb Place)199112,230
NTW – Wesley Chapel (New Snapfinger)199312,264
Athens Packaging Addition199313,500
Trane Tenant Finish201214,850
Dixie Plywood199915,000
PMS Consolidated – 1st Addition198815,330
Decatur SSA201515,750
Hyundai (Nalley)198615,868
Carpenter Steel (Snapfinger Area)198517,345
Mission Produce200318,125
Thrift Recycling Mgt. (TRM)201118,220
Southern Ideal Door200218,886
Sportime Addition199619,315
Dunn Airport Business center198119,440
P.M.S. Corporate199219,938
National Credit Systems200720,000
American Fitness Center20,250
Colonial Lighting199620,570
Keystone Automotive @ Macon Spec201022,000
Shoney’s (South Royal) Addition198722,304
Ace Industries198522,500
P.M.S. Addition 2nd199122,556
Hi-Fi Buys (Morrow/Rooker)199222,684
Averitt Express (Kennesaw)199323,100
Averitt Express198823,317
Hi-Fi Buys (Cobb Co.)199424,081
GA Crown Maint.200324,400
ITT (Atlanta South)200924,526
W.W. Grainger, Inc.199324,592
National Library Bindery (Hembree)198524,660
Pony Express (Atlanta Ind. Park)198624,900
Bulldog & Bullpup Movers (Atlanta Ind.)198525,000
Shoney’s Tucker198125,053
Royal Lot (3) Carnes. Bros.198625,152
Knoxville ODAR201025,508
Howard School198927,978
Tampa MEPS201328,000
Royal Lot (2) Telser198628,150
Brunswick – DFCS201428,800
Taylor Chemical (Gwinnett Progress)198929,220
Southern Electronics198429,665
Coca Cola198430,000
Max Moulding201130,489
Select Media Services200030,620
Southern Snacks198930,770
Performance Trucking201430,880
Wrenn Handling198631,625
Royal Lot (4) Ad-Con198632,000
Black Powder Products201032,903
Triumph Motorcycles200033,000
Chart Expansion201533,150
Better Brands Expansion201233,190
PMS Consolidated198634,743
New Chattahoochee Business Park (APL)198834,967
Castle Metals199335,000
Graphic Solutions200235,090
H.B. Fuller – Covington Expansion200235,242
Synageva (T.I.)201335,659
Williams Bros. (Pleasant Hill)198636,000
Insulation Division X200036,299
Cintas (Snapfinger)198737,539
Alpha / Rooker (Kimberly Clarke) Phase II198338,483
Bowman Distribution198538,800
Target Container Expansion200239,100
Electrical Products200239,736
Evergreen (Athens Spec)201040,000
Recall Expansion200740,284
Recall Secure Svc. Expansion200340,573
Macy’s (New Building)199340,800
Mac’s Leasing198941,169
Atlanta Ind. Park (Epic 106, Lets 28 & 37)198443,200
Nalley Honda199543,201
Hembree Summit198543,956
PMS – Gastonia199444,012
PMS Technical Center199544,022
Office Images199644,856
Inalfa Expansion201445,000
Greenville Courts201245,408
Ferguson Addition – (Tenant Finish)200545,440
Norton Packaging201345,450
Elite Floor Design199945,501
M.S. Carriers (3 Bldgs)199546,484
Shenandoah Spec199948,568
Hembree Park Commons198548,971
A & S Marble200149,522
NTW – Best Friend Rd.198649,566
Price Ind. Expansion (Auburn, GA)201150,000
Johnstone Supply200850,108
Royal Lot (1) Boring / Smith198650,400
Spears Mfg. Co.199350,432
G & K Services199851,772
Inalfa Encapsulation201552,500
Weyerhaeuser Addition (Impak)199053,402
Tug Mfg. Corporation (Kennesaw)199154,249
Creation Windows198455,600
Standard Supply & Lumber198556,217
NTW – Best Friend Rd.198757,208
GA Crown Office200358,605
Weyerhauser (North Royal)198558,963
Welding Services198859,000
Royal Atlanta IV (Lot 21)198559,500
Georgia Flush – Addition199660,017
New Hermes199460,492
Malone Display198961,698
M.A. Hanna – Penn199662,900
Omega Moulding South, LLC200864,000
Old Roswell Towne 99198664,944
Johnson Controls200065,696
Owens Minor (Atl. Park VI)198665,800
Lewyn Machinery198166,000
Siemens Addition200066,237
Chart, Inc.200966,482
Gould Southern200066,550
Dekalb Business Trail198766,725
Price Addition199867,877
Sanderson (Atlanta Ind.)198468,380
Marketplace Foods201070,000
Southside Ind. Park – Bldg B199770,138
Austin IRS201171,193
Kenco / Talley Materials199972,000
School Tools199472,526
Keebler Expansion200273,000
First Home Int’l200474,708
Weyerhauser (Lithonia) Add 1 & 2199175,668
Atlanta Records Management200175,676
Barrow Fabrics198476,440
Bay Colony199877,487
Expanded Metals198580,000
Rooker / Tuckerstone (5 Bldgs)198180,036
Larkin Coil (Weaver Way)198781,471
Expanded Metals Restoration198582,400
Southeastern Packaging199782,500
L.S. Brown (Atlanta Ind.)198483,600
Greenpoint III200185,465
WilsonArt Platics Co.198686,545
Barcoview Expansion200388,125
Price Industries, Inc.200789,700
King Provisions200090,000
Crane Materials200590,125
Sport Shoe (Atlanta Ind.)198592,000
H.B. Fuller199594,161
Castle Metal – Building – Charlotte, NC199694,853
Cathcart Allied198998,136
Pace (Crescent Drive)198499,220
Macon Spec I200899,664
Latexco Building2006100,000
ProjectYear CompletedSize
Owens & Minor Addition2007100,277
Professional Book Dist. (Blue Grass)1990100,484
Price Companies, Inc.1995104,619
Excel (Shenandoah Spec)1998105,538
Beverage South2008106,625
Jenkins Wholesale1997106,839
Tire Center1998107,000
Gainesville Spec Warehouse1997108,000
Rohrer Corporation1994109,495
Atlanta Food Bank2003110,692
Shenandoah 1101999110,745
BioLab (Conyers)1995112,652
ALP Lighting1997113,075
L.T.D. IV (Atlanta Park)1984117,600
CAS / WYLE2012120,000
Athens Spec I2007120,167
Scripto (Best Friend Road)1983123,000
Park 20 East, Building “E”1994123,457
Design Packaging Warehouse2004125,000
Eskimo Cold Storage2006125,986
National Detector Dog Training Center2008127,350
North American Stainless2005128,000
Circuit City Addition1988128,924
Greenville Spec Bldg.1998129,492
Eskimo Cold Storage Expansion2013129,787
Breckenridge Spec. Building1994132,934
Shenandoah 150 – InComm2007150,000
R. A. Siegel2008150,416
Cobb County Board of Education1995150,809
Keebler – Statham2000151,688
Amsco (Best Friend)1988153,572
Boise Cascade2007155,000
Life of Virginia (Bldg A, B, & C)1981158,464
Walton Spec2000160,000
Brekenridge III / Boggs1995164,008
LAT Sportswear2014165,000
Alabama Crown – Alabaster, AL2007165,163
Research Center Atlanta (3 Bldgs)1987170,560
Wilen Manufacturing1988180,307
US Can2001185,122
GTE (Southridge)1990192,752
Georgia Flush Door Sales, Inc.1994194,763
Kubota (Gainesville Spec)2004200,000
Shenandoah Spec. 200 (Eckerd)1998201,136
Homeplace (Waccamaw)2000208,930
DSC Logistics2007209,782
Southern Gwinnett (Button Gwinnett)1985212,000
Chapel Creek1996212,500
American Isuzu (Hembree)1985216,860
Johnson Wax1997225,000
Park 20 East, Building “D”1994226,261
West Tennessee Crown2014227,535
ProjectYear CompletedSize
Breckenridge II1995272,000
Circuit City Stores (Atlanta Ind.)1985278,500
Southern Bonded A1998288,000
SBD – Southlake Parkway (Bldg. C)1996292,800
Havertys Furniture Expansion2005295,937
Sports Authority1997298,457
Cherokee 75 Spec2014304,000
Anderson Merchandisers2000316,027
Citizens Rooker (1, 2, & 3)1985321,160
Natural Wonders1993323,500
GA Crown Warehouse2003338,175
Pope & Land1995346,614
Leeman Arch.2002350,914
Greenwood Spec – 400M2000400,000
TYTY Cobb1999404,513
Office Depot2000550,000
Ford (Parts Dist. Center)1990627,238
Continental General Tire2000758,488
Walnut Fork Distribution Center2004810,000
Commerce 85 – Ollie’s T.I.2014962,000
Commerce Spec – 962M2006962,280
Union Station Business Center2015987,840